Order Items
Special orders are always welcomed.  Below you
will see some special orders that have come from
various customers over the years.  I welcome
them as it gives me a chance to do something
out of the ordinary and to test my skills. If you
have an idea of your own please contact me.
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The letter box above is 6" high and wide and about 6" deep.  This one has a Daisy
pattern on one side and Deer on the other but many options are available.  The small
hammered aluminum rod adorns each side.
The small lamp at left is
about 12" high and the
top shade is 6" around.  
this one has a Dogwood
pattern but many other
options are available.  It
comes wired with a
regular size socket and
can be used for ambient
light like a TV light or
The end table above is my most involved creation
and the piece I am most proud of.  It stands about
22" high, the top is 17.5" by 12" and the base piece
is 12" by 9".  Both the top and base piece have the
Magnolia pattern on them. It is entirely riveted
together and is 1 piece.  The top does not come off.
The tray above is 12" by 20" and
has the Adam and Eve pattern
on it.  This incredible die dates
back to the 1930's and was
engraved by Henry Mansfeld.
Above are 2 of the many framed aluminum art pieces that I
make.  The pictures don't do them justice as the glass is very
reflective.  I use various frames depending on availability.  
They measure 8"x20".  
The Adam and Eve on far right is
also available framed.  
For more information see me at a
show or call or email.