$38 each
Cornerstone Forge: Various other unusual items that I
make including Napkin Holders, Business Card/
Phone Holders,
Clocks and Crosses. Available in many other designs other than
the ones shown. Click on image to enlarge.
My napkin holders are made to hold a generous amount of napkins and are high enough so that they do
not fold over at the top.  They are 6" wide and 4.5" high at the center.  They are 2 piece construction
riveted together to last a lifetime or two!  Also available in Appleblossom and
Aster designs.
Business Card
or Phone Holders
$24 each
4" wide
Business card holders that can also function as a phone
holder.  Also available in many other designs including
Daisy, Aster, Appleblossom and Pine
.  Large enough to
show the pattern design above the card. Click image to
Delicate Floral
Crosses  $34     
8"x6"  Narrow
8"x7.5" Hands
Elegant crosses hand made from aluminum.  They include a hanger
that is riveted on the back for easy hanging.  They are lightweight
and easily hung with a small nail or screw.  Click image to enlarge.
Plain Hammered
Praying Hands
Each round clock is 6" and hangable.  They are lightweight and easily
hung with a small nail or screw.  The clock mechanism takes a single  
AA battery (not included).  The desk clock is 4.5" x 4.5" (front face)
not including the standing
back portion.  Other designs are available.  
Click on image to enlarge.
Alumifact:  One day I was curious to know how many
hammer strikes it took to make a particular piece.  I was
making Bread trays at the time and decided to count how
many hammer/mallot strikes I do to make them.  The total
includes all strikes by a hammer to impart the design on the
tray, mallet strikes to flatten it, hammer strikes to put the
edge on it and mallet strikes to shape it into a tray form.  
The total was about
500!!!!  I was somewhat shocked
myself. Suddenly my arm and shoulder were very sore!
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