Cornerstone Forge Jewelry
Hand Hammered Aluminum
Cuffs and Pendants
Cuffs are about 5.75" L
by 1-1.5" W.  Most
cuffs available in other
shapes and sizes as
well.  They are slightly
adjustable also. Ask if
interested in a
particular size or shape.
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Cornerstone Forge
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Luster shell with chain
and bead tassle
Copper Vine pendant
Square aster pendant
Venus jasper with hammered accent
All Pendants come with approximately 18-20"
black satin cord  unless a size is requested.
Copper  Spiral Cuff
Mansfeld Swirl Cuff
White striped shell
with chain and bead
Assorted swirls pendant
Circles and Swirls Wedge Cuff
Sunflower  Cuff
Hummingbird  Cuff
Single Daisy Cuff
Round Flower Cuff with Synthetic
Blue Stone
Stylized Dogwood Cuff
Delicate Floral Cuff
Dragonfly  Cuff
Magnolia Cuff
Daisies Cuff
Copper Stylized Vine Cuff
Hummingbird pendant
Tiny dogwood earring and pendant
set.  Sold individually or as a set.
Earrings are $25.00
Pendant is $20.00
Ask for dimensions if interested.
Most are 1-1.5" in size
Dennis' Swirl Cuff
Stylized Dogwood with synthetic
blue stone
Heavy Hammered Wedge Cuff
Heavy Hammered Cuff
Narrow Copper Stylized Vine Cuff
Aster Cuff
Blue lampwork glass with
hammered accent pendant
Tiny dogwood pendant
Mansfeld swirl pendant
Paua (abalone) shell with
hammered accent
Assorted swirls pendant and
earrings.  Sold individually or as
a set.  
Pendant is $20.00
Earrings are $25.00
Many other sets available
copper vine
Copper Vine Cuff with copper inlay
Aster Cuff
Mansfeld Swirl Cuff
Brushed Swirls Cuff
Deco with Black Synthetic Stone
Also available without stone.
Puff Flower with Synthetic Blue Stone
Round Flower Cuff
Narrow Garden Cuff
Narrow Hammered Cuff
Narrow Stars and Moons Cuff
Baker Leaf Cuff
Most jewelry items are available as a set.  It would then
be possible to get a matching set with most designs on
cuff bracelets, barrettes, pendants or earrings if
desired.  Ask if interested in a particular set or see us at
a show.  Thanks