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Hand Hammered Aluminum Barrettes and Pins
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Barrettes are
about 1.25 W
by 3.75" L
All barrettes are made with
high quality,  
Made in
backs which are
stainless steel.  They are
either riveted on or glued
with high quality silicone.
Circles and Swirls barrette $20
Copper Swirl barrette $20
Delicate Floral barrette $20
Dragonfly barrette $20
Mansfeld Swirl barrette $20
Single Daisy barrette $20
Hummingbird barrette $20
Puff Flower with Blue Stone
barrette $20
Snowman pin $20
Christmas Tree pin $20
Stylized Dogwood pin $24
Round Flower pin $24
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Daisies barrette $20
Deco barrette $20
Dennis' Swirl barrette $20
Beehive barrette $20
Copper Vine barrette $20
Asters barrette $20
Stylized Dogwood with synthetic blue
stone.  (Also available plain without
stone)  $20
Round Flower barrette $20
(Also available with synthetic blue
stone in center of flower)
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