Cornerstone Forge Jewelry
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Hand Hammered Aluminum Barrettes $22  & Pins $20
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Barrettes are
about 1.25 W
by 3.75" L
All barrettes are made with
high quality,  
Made in
backs which are
stainless steel.  They are  
glued with high quality
Circles and Swirls barrette
Copper Swirl barrette
Delicate Floral barrette
Dragonfly barrette
Mansfeld Swirl barrette
Sunflower barrette
Hummingbird barrette
Puff Flower with Blue Stone
Pins $20  (approx 1.75" in size)
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Copyright 2020
Daisies barrette
Deco barrette
Dennis' Swirl barrette
Copper Vine barrette
Asters barrette
Stylized Dogwood with synthetic blue
stone.  (Also available without stone)  
Round Flower barrette
(Also available with synthetic blue
stone in center of flower)
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Earrings and Link Bracelets
Snowman Pin
Classic Tree Pin
Original Tree Pin
Ornate Tree Pin
Round Flower Pin
Aster Pin
Standing Snowman $20
Dennis Leaf Barrette made using
actual leaf.
Baker Leaf Barrette.  This has a
smaller back than others.
Hammered Barrette
Magnolia barrette