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Authentic Hand Hammered Aluminum Gift Ware & Jewelry
At Cornerstone Forge I make over 800 different items and each
piece is
100% handmade by me without the use of any power
machinery. They are all made one at a time just as they were back
in the 1930's when the hammered aluminum industry began.  
Today there are only a few hammered aluminum artisans left and
even fewer who make authentic 100%
hand hammered items as I
do with only sheet aluminum, hand powered hammers, hand
clamps and hand engraved steel dies.  Each piece is then
to a bright clean finish.  " From My Hands To Yours" My
food grade aluminum does not tarnish and never needs polishing.  
It is
food safe and can be used to serve any food.  You simply
hand wash in warm soapy water, avoid sharp objects and it will last
for generations. It makes a unique and thoughtful hand made gift.

Give the gift that keeps on giving!
Aluminum is also the 10th
wedding anniversary gift material.  Click on the links below to see
the wide variety of items that I make by my hand.  
Good Luck Bird Square Bowl
Teapot Garden Accent Bowl
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Strawberry Ruffled Bowl
Copper Vine Cuff
Dennis Wildnauer
610-533-9439 or

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What's New?

I call my newest design  
Ornate Tree".  I am quite
proud of its unique character.
I add a background colorant
to highlight the design and it
really "pops".  Above is an 8"
Square Bowl $32, but also
available in standing trees,
11"  and 8"x16" trays.

You can find me at:  
various fine craft & art
shows in Pennsylvania
and also New Jersey.  
You will find the best
selection there. Click
to see pics of my typical
show booth.
I also sell online from this
website.  Call or email
with your order.
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Hand Hammered From Edge to Edge: Guaranteed !
Each piece of Cornerstone Forge aluminum giftware is forged
entirely by hand using sheet aluminum, hand tools and vintage
dies engraved by various masters of the craft.  These vintage
dies are also hand engraved in steel with some dating back into
the 1930's.  Each piece I make is marked with the
stamp along with a stamp indicating the die engraver
and artist.  Those pieces made with dies engraved by Henry
Mansfeld are marked
"Hand Wrought Mansfeld by Dennis" ;  
those made with dies from L. Gene Stewart are marked
Wrought Stewart by Dennis
" ; those made with dies engraved
by Steve Adams for The Forge, are marked
"Hand Wrought SA
by Dennis
"; those made with the dies engraved by A. J. Hoover
are marked
"Hand Wrought AJH by Dennis" and those pieces
made with my own original designs and dies are marked
Wrought by Dennis
".  For more information go to the "Artisan
Info" link.
My intent is to preserve their die engravings, while keeping their
artwork alive and sharing it with a new generation of lovers of
hand hammered aluminum gift ware. These timeless pieces are
made by me completely by hand, with pride and dedication to
my art and like snowflakes, no two pieces are identical.
In 1946, Jack Orenstein of the Everlast Metal Products company
successfully campaigned for aluminum to replace tin as the ( tenth )10th wedding
anniversary emblem and to this day is the material to give as a 10th anniversary gift. Hand
hammered aluminum makes the perfect wedding gift as well as the  appropriate gift for a
tenth wedding anniversary.   Everlast was at one time the largest producer of hammered
aluminum giftware in the world.
Dogwood Plate
Fan Favorite
This larger snowman is  my
most popular design.  Many
different items are available
with it.  Look in the
Christmas & Winter
Themed pages to see more.
Exciting News! Cornerstone Forge is
proud and excited to be featured in
an article about my hammered
aluminum  in the Jan/Feb 2012 issue
of the Pennsylvania Magazine
"Hammering Beauty" written
by Cynthia Underhill.  It is a wonderful
magazine about interesting things to
do and people and places in Pa.  To
order a copy go to
Photograph by Cynthia Underhill
Desk Clock
$32 Click to
Whats New?  
Ornate Tree
Large $30
Medium $26
Small $20

Buy 1 or the
whole set.
Other Items:
Napkin Holders,
Clocks, Crosses,
Business Card Holders
Unique pieces made with
hand thrown pottery bowls
and aluminum lid.  No 2 are
alike and are very unique!